Media Work

From time to time, I write for other publications, including The Guardian. Links to articles I’ve written or contributed to will appear here.

Will destroying a house ease the pain of April Jones’s murder?

Father Christmas is real – pass it on

Are the pope’s comments on smacking children right?

The anatomy of a ‘mind blank’

Don’t blame depression for the Germanwings tragedy

As a Muslim woman I was never fearful in Britain. But today I’m afraid

Do I need counselling?

Having a dry January? Your all-or-nothing thinking is a mistake

The London escalator trial shows how our fear of change defeats logic

Amazon Fresh is a triumph for the culture of instant gratification

What is bipolar disorder?

As a British Muslim in post-Brexit UK, this is not the country I grew up in

Dear Theresa May, come and meet some Muslims. It might help if you knew us

Acid attacks aren’t just a ‘minority’ story. The media must reflect us all

It isn’t just halal slaughter that Britain needs to make more humane

Audio clips

GermanWings Crash; BBC News, March 2015

Islamophobia in the wake of the Paris attacks – NewsTalk FM, December 2015

Islamophobia – BBC World Service, January 2016

Conference papers

Stonewall (Feb 2016): Creating safe spaces for queer Muslims

Stonewall (Jul 2016): The mental health of LGBT young people


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