Media Work

From time to time, I write for other publications, including The Guardian. Links to articles I’ve written or contributed to will appear here.

Will destroying a house ease the pain of April Jones’s murder?

Father Christmas is real – pass it on

Are the pope’s comments on smacking children right?

The anatomy of a ‘mind blank’

Don’t blame depression for the Germanwings tragedy

As a Muslim woman I was never fearful in Britain. But today I’m afraid

Do I need counselling?

Having a dry January? Your all-or-nothing thinking is a mistake

The London escalator trial shows how our fear of change defeats logic

Amazon Fresh is a triumph for the culture of instant gratification

What is bipolar disorder?

As a British Muslim in post-Brexit UK, this is not the country I grew up in

Dear Theresa May, come and meet some Muslims. It might help if you knew us

Acid attacks aren’t just a ‘minority’ story. The media must reflect us all

It isn’t just halal slaughter that Britain needs to make more humane

Faith should be no barrier to schools teaching respect for LGBT rights

After Christchurch, Muslims need more than just your thoughts and prayers

You can give all your money away, but it won’t solve poverty

Audio clips

GermanWings Crash; BBC News, March 2015

Islamophobia in the wake of the Paris attacks – NewsTalk FM, December 2015

Islamophobia – BBC World Service, January 2016

Conference papers

Stonewall (Feb 2016): Creating safe spaces for queer Muslims

Stonewall (Jul 2016): The mental health of LGBT young people

One comment

  1. Dear Dr. Rahim, I am a Brazilian journalist working for the newspaper O Globo, from Rio de Janeiro. I would like to contact you to talk about the growing tension and attacks against the muslim communities in London. How can I contact you? My twitter account is @clausarm. Thanks!

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